Wine List

Coravin Wines – Nuno’s Selection

We are pleased to be able to use the Coravin wine system to enable guests to experience some very special wines by the glass. The Coravin is a device which allows us to serve wine without removing the cork: wine is poured through a small needled that is also used to pressurise the bottle with argon gas. This process helps maintain the wines freshness.

Orange Wine - Coravin

  • 09. Naranjo Torontel, Maturana Wines, Maule Valley Chile 13.5% 50ml £6.00 | 125ml £10.50

White Wine - Coravin

  • 22. Dry Furmint, Egy Kis, Barta Hungary 12% 50ml £5.00 | 125ml £10.50
  • 23. Musar Jeune White Lebanon 13% 50ml £5.50 | 125ml £11.00
  • 25. Rioja Blanco, ‘Selección de Autor’, Oscar Tobia New Zealand 12.5% 50ml £6.00 | 125ml £12.00
  • 29. Chardonnay, Curly Flat, Macedon Ranges Australia 13.6% 50ml £7.00 | 125ml £15.00

Red Wine - Coravin

  • 50. Musar Jeune Red Lebanon 14% 50ml £5.00 | 125ml £10.50
  • 51. Pinot Noir, Sherwood Estate New Zealand 13% 50ml £5.50 | 125ml £11.00
  • 54. St Emilion, Château Barrail du Blanc Grand Cru, Etablissements J.P. Moueix France 13.5% 50ml £7.00 | 125ml £13.00
  • 57. Barolo, Casina Adelaide Italy 14.5% 50ml £8.00 | 125ml £15.50
Wines by the Glass


  • 01. Ca’ Belli, Venetto Italy 11% 125ml £6.50
  • 02. Wiston Estate Brut England 12% 125ml £13.50
  • 03. Champagne Brut, Marquis de Bonnières France 12% 125ml £13.50

Sparkling Rose

  • 05. Wiston Estate Rosé England 12% 125ml £16.50


  • 07. Pinot Grigio ‘Montevento’ Blush, Pasqua Italy 12% 175ml £9.00| 250ml £13.00


  • 10. Pinot Grigio ‘Montevento’, Pasqua Italy 12% 175ml £9.00 | 250ml £13.00
  • 11. Viognier, Mont Rocher France 13% 175ml £9.50 | 250ml £13.50
  • 12. Chardonnay ‘Les Grenadiers, Marquis de Lissac France 13.5% 175ml £9.50 | 250ml £13.50
  • 15. Sauvignon Blanc, Transcampanas Spain 13% 175ml £12.00 | 250ml £17.00
  • 19. Albariño, Argo Spain 12.5% 175ml £13.50 | 250ml £19.00


  • 33. Pinot Noir, Sanziana Romania 12.5% 175ml £9.50 | 250ml £13.50
  • 35. Cabernet Sauvignon, Domaine de Saissac France 13.5% 175ml £10.00 | 250ml £14.00
  • 36. Malbec, Inacayal Argentina 13.5% 175ml £10.50 | 250ml £14.50
  • 38. Merlot, Bain’s Kloof South Africa 14% 175ml £11.00 | 250ml £15.50
  • 39. Shiraz, The Opportunist Australia 14.5% 175ml £11.50 | 250ml £16.00
  • 40. Rioja, Bodegas Tobia Cuvee Tinto Spain 13.5% 175ml £12.00 | 250ml £16.50

By The Bottle


  • 01. Ca’ Belli, Venetto Dry with notes of apples, pears and lemon zest finised off with a delicate mouth feel. Italy 11% NV | £32.00
  • 02. Wiston Estate Brut Made up of the three classic varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier in equal parts, it is a refreshing, elegant and complete English Sparkling wine. England 12% – VG O NV | £67.00
  • 03. Champagne Marquis de Bonnières Delicate yet complex with hints of citrus fruit and a balanced palate. France 12% – VG NV | £67.00
  • 04. Billecart-Salmon, Brut Reserva Red fruits, citrus and rich, toasty brioche combine with delicate bubbles to create one of the most sought-after boutique Champagne’s around. France 12% NV | £77.00

Sparkling Rose

  • 05. Wiston Estate Rosé Brimming with ripe morello cherries, cranberries and seville oranges, this Rosé has a long creamy finish. England 12% – VG O 2014 | £82.00
  • 06. Laurent Perrier, Cuvée Rosé Iconic Rosé Champers, stylish strawberry fruit, full of vivacity and easy-drinking charm. A wonderfully refreshing aperitif. France 12% – VG NV | £97.00


  • 07. Pinot Grigio ‘Montevento’ Blush, Pasqua A fresh well balanced and fruity wine with elegant, floral notes and hints of pear and apricot. Italy 12% – VG 2020 | £32.00
  • 08. Grenache Rose, Felicette An elegant supple, succulent and aromatic rose. Pale in colour there’s plenty of red fruits such as strawberry and raspberry. France 12.5% 2021 | £34.00


  • 09. Naranjo Torontel, Maturana Wines, Maule Valley This is an aromatic orange wine of bright copper colour with notes of honey, orange peel, white flowers and a potpourri of spices such as cardamom. Refined and lean, it shows a fresh palate with a bite from the skins’ tannins. It is medium bodied, complex and concentrated. Chile 13.5% – VG 2020 | £47.00


  • 10. Pinot Grigio ‘Montevento’, Pasqua Well-balanced and refreshing with delicate notes of grilled almonds and a light citrus finish. Italy 12.5% – VG 2021 | £32.00
  • 11. Viognier, Mont Rocher A haunting honeysuckle and apricot aroma and rich, almost unctuous palate that is somehow still dry, tangy and refreshing. France 13% – VG O 2020 | £33.00
  • 12. Chardonnay ‘Les Grenadiers’, Marquis de Lissac Ripe and round with creamy peach fruit and spice vanilla notes. A perfect easy drinking wine. France 13.5% – VG O 2021 | £33.00
  • 13. Gruner Veltliner, Funkstille Subtle exotic hints, ripe pear and fresh citrus flavours, it’s a dry and complex style. The palate is rich with melon and grapefruit and a refreshing, zippy finish. Austria 12% VG 2021 | £37.00
  • 14. Vinho Verde, Vale do Homem Produced from the Loureiro and Arinto grape varieties, this wine presents itself with citrine colour, fine aroma and fruity with floral notes. Very elegant and fresh in the mouth with harmonious acidity. Portugal 12% – V 2020 | £39.00
  • 15. Sauvignon Blanc, Transcampanas White lime flowers, grapefruit and citrus with sensational ripe papaya, oil texture and zippy acidity. A classic style with laser focus. Spain 13% – VG 2021 | £42.00
  • 16. Chenin Blanc, Old Vines Rich and complex with warm peachy notes, white flowers, almond and marzipan. South Africa 13.5% – VG 2019 | £42.00
  • 17. Verdejo, Transcampanas Classic, powerful, varietal aromas of green grass, minerals and citrus fruits. Unhurried, silky mouthfeel with a restrained acidity. Spain 13% VG 2020 | £43.00
  • 18. Assyrtiko ‘Voila’, Lyrarakis Nicknamed by one critic ‘Greece’s answer to Chablis’. Single vineyard, deliciously mineral led, slightly salty and plenty of rounded stone fruits. Greece 13% – VG O 2020 | £44.50
  • 19. Albariño, Argo Melon, peach, vanilla and mineral aromas are what you want from this type of wine. Juicy and fresh, with nectarine, orange and pineapple. Spain 12.5% – VG 2021 | £47.00
  • 20. Rheingau Riesling Kabinett, Fruchtsuss Schloss Schönborn Fresh with floral notes, citrus fruits and green apples, this wine is rich and extremely easy drinking. A great aperitif. The wonderful orchard fruit notes and vibrancy leave you wanting more. Germany 9% – V 2018 | £47.00
  • 21. Pinot Gris, The Lane Dry, medium bodied and gold colour. A juicy palate featuring pear, nectarine and peach. It has a clean finish and well balanced minerally acidity. Australia 13% – VG 2019 | £47.50
  • 22. Dry Furmint, Egy Kis, Barta Meaning ‘little Furmint’ in Hungarian, Egy Kis is a fine introduction to Hungary’s flagship grape. Bursting with pear, yellow plum and a lick of fresh lime. Hungary 12% – O 2020 | £47.50
  • 23. Musar Jeune White An unoaked blend of Viognier, Vermentino and Chardonnay. Crispy and aromatic with passionfruit, apples, elderflower – and a dry, refreshing finish. Lebanon 13% – VG O 2019 | £48.00
  • 24. Chardonnay, Cartlidge and Browne Set up in a Napa garage by Tony Cartlidge in 1980, Cartlidge and Browne are a brilliant small producer. Flavours of pear, melon and light citrus with aromatics of lemon, sweet caramel and hazelnut. USA 13.5% – VG O 2019 | £50.00
  • 25. Rioja Blanco ‘Selección de Autor’, Oscar Tobia Equal parts Chardonnay and Tempranillo Blanc, this is an incredibly rich and textured barrel fermented Rioja. Expect stone fruits, white flowers, honeycomb and a full, weighty body. Spain 13.5% 2020 | £51.00
  • 26. Mâcon-Salutre-Pouilly Pale-medium lemon in colour. The nose is surprisingly full showing ripe stone fruit, mixed with almond and marzipan. The palate is elegant and has a characteristic freshness which is balanced by orchard fruit. France 13% – VG 2020 | £52.00
  • 27. Pinot Blanc, Mount Edwards Dry in style with aromas of pear and citrus are followed by flavours of stone fruit, some savoury notes with a delicate creamy like texture, all underpinned by mineral notes and refreshing acidity. New Zealand 12.5% – VG O 2018 | £54.00
  • 28. Sancerre Blanc, Domaine de Clairneaux Aromas of stone fruits and lemon zest lead to a clean and dry palate with touches of gooseberry and citrus peel. A great example of a classic Sauvignon Blanc. France 13% 2020 | £59.00
  • 29. Chardonnay, Curly Flat, Macedon Ranges Such a beautiful, mouth-watering style with golden grapefruit, guava and nectarine . This hints at tropical fruits yet retains a zesty citrus focus. Australia 13.6% – VG O 2016 | £70.00

Single Bottle White

  • 30. Condrieu, Martin Clerc This Condrieu is brilliantly balanced with integrated acidity and a great finish. This beautiful wine ranks with some of the top wine. France 14.5% 2017 | £77.00
  • 31. Puligny-Montrachet, Domaine François Carillon Pale, shimmering gold. This wine balances purity and focus with underlying richness, maintaining tension and a sense of direction throughout. France 13.5% – V 2017 | £85.00
  • 32. Chablis Grand Cru ‘Les Clos’ Christian Moreau A lovley aroma of fragrant quince and honey followed by a wave of honey and lemon on the palate, showing great class and a brilliantly long a delicious finish. France 13% – VG 2019 | £92.00


  • 33. Pinot Noir, Sanziana This historic, medium bodied wine is rich in complex flavours of ripe red fruits with deep spicy notes of cinnamon, raspberry and black cherry. Romania 12.5% – VG 2021 | £33.00
  • 34. Terras do Sado Tinto Region of Setúbal red wine with ruby colour with violet rim, red fruit aroma such as strawberries. Young, soft and balanced in the mouth. Portugal 14% 2020 | £35.00
  • 35. Cabernet Sauvignon, Domaine de Saissac Cassis and cedar, ripe and fruity. Partially aged in oak, this wine has a wonderful fruit concentration. France 13.5% – VG 2019 | £35.00
  • 36. Malbec, Inacayal Grown at the lofty heights of 1000m above sea level, Inacayal is brimming with plums, berries and chocolate as well as vanilla and cocoa. Argentina 13.5% 2021 | £36.00
  • 37. Mencia, Ribas del Cua Great aromatic intensity, dominated by red raspberries, cassis and cherry with the subtle vegetal character of the Mencia grape. Spain 14.5% 2020 | £37.00
  • 38. Merlot, Bain’s Kloof Deep ruby red in colour. With rich mocha and sweet black fruit on the nose. The palate is reflective of the nose with additional ripe red fruit and leafy notes. South Africa 14% – VG 2021 | £38.00
  • 39. Shiraz, The Opportunist An aromatic bouquet of ripe fruits, cherries and blackcurrants, with notes of freshly ground coffee, dark chocolate, peppermint, liquorice and subtle pepper. Thick and smooth with good balanced fruit weight. Australia 14.5% – VG 2020 | £38.50
  • 40. Rioja, Bodegas Tobia Cuvee Tinto Oscar Tobia is making waves for his modern approach to Rioja. This blend is incredibly juicy with minimal oak influence, it’s all about letting the bright fruit characteristics shine. Spain 13.5% NV | £40.00
  • 41. Biscardo Neropasso, Mabis A Ripasso style of wine, made famous in Amarone production, with spicy hints of cherry, black cherry, plum compote and a silky texture. Italy 13.5% – VG 2019 | £40.00
  • 42. Kotsifali, Lyrarakis Kotsifali is indisputably the classic grape of Crete. With vineyard for this situated at 500m above sea level, the wine is elegant with spices and red fruits. Greece 13.5% 2019 | £41.00
  • 43. Polemico País, Secano Interior, Viña Laurent Medium crimson in colour, this wine is supple with bright fruit and aromas of red cherries and violets. The palate is fresh, with some caramelised and earthy notes. This wine has a concentrated core of fruit and a lengthy finish. Chile 13% – VG O 2019 | £42.50
  • 44. Mucchietto IGT Primitivo del Salento Fresh red cherry, with a hint of sweet spice on the nose, the palate is crammed with juicy plums and blueberries, cinnamon and vanilla, with dark chocolate. The wine has velvety tannins and an uplifting fresh finish to balance the rich fruit. Italy 13.5% – O 2020 | £42.50
  • 45. Bobal, Mil Historias Powerful Bobal, a grape often blended with Malbec, that displays a deep cherry colour with violet tints. Nose is intense with aromas of ripe red fruit subtle hints of violets, rosemary and a touch of black pepper. Spain 14.5% – VG O 2019 | £43.00
  • 46. Pinotage, Rhebokskloof Well established wine estate Rhebokskloof is located in the heart of Paarl. A ripe, full bodied red; it boasts complex, smoky palate and savoury, toasted notes underpinning a rich fruit character. South Africa 14% – VG 2018 | £44.00
  • 47. Cabernet Franc, Kalos 59N A fine and delicately balanced example of Cabernet Franc with red fruits and spiced. Very fruit forward, medium bodied with subtle tannins. Argentina 13.5% 2018 | £44.00
  • 48. Malbec, Bodega Ruca Malen Vibrant, dark purple-red, with ripe, red cherries, plum and notes of spicy liquorice. Full and well-structured on the palate, with elegant, soft tannins and ripe black fruit balanced by a spicy oak and delicate vanilla and chocolate finish. Argentina 13.5% – VG 2019 | £45.00
  • 49. Vinho Tinto, Quinta de Chocapalha Deep colour of violet hue, with good concentration on the nose. Rich in aroma, with notes of ripe black fruit and spices combined with floral notes. In the mouth it is elegant and fresh, with an excellent combination tannins and acidity. A long finish, smooth and elegant. Portugal 13.5% – VG 2016 | £46.50
  • 50. Musar Jeune Red Cinsault, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon produce this inky dark, silky textured and aromatic wine. With blackcurrant, raspberry and cherry jam flavours and a warm spicy finish. Lebanon 14% – VG O 2019 | £47.00
  • 51. Pinot Noir, Sherwood Estate Rich plum and earthy tones with a hint of toasty oak on the nose. The palate has sweet, ripe, silky fruit and oak tannins. New Zealand 13% 2020 | £48.00
  • 52. Bourgogne Gamay, Domaine Labruyère Brightly red-fruited on the nose, it is unmistakeably Gamay, brimming with spherical, pure cherries. The palate is soft and giving, juicy and yet focused. France 13% – VG 2018 | £57.00
  • 53. Rioja Reserva, Luis Canas Mellow fresh and with the nuances of sweet red fruit. There’s a touch of liquorice and sweet spice, all wrapped in a blanket of American oak’s coconut and vanilla flavours. Spain 14.5% – VG 2015 | £57.00
  • 54. St Emilion, Château Barrail du Blanc Grand Cru, Etablissements J.P. Moueix Deepest ruby in colour, generous, sweet flavours, a succulent, medium-weight concentration and nice, fresh length. France 13.5% 2016 | £59.00
  • 55. ‘Meta’ Grenache, Schwarz Wine Co. An incredibly modern style of Grenache from Barossa legend, Jason Schwarz. It bursts with strawberries, cherries and violets, and has a texture and elegance not unlike Pinot Noir. Australia 13.5% 2020 | £59.00
  • 56. Châteauneuf du Pape Cuvee Tradition Vignobles Gonnet Ripe bramble fruit and savoury herb aromas on the nose and palate, with Christmas cake, liquorice and nutmeg notes coming through on the finish. Full bodied, concentrated and layered. France 14.5% – VG O 2018 | £70.00
  • 57. Barolo, Casina Adelaide A superb Barolo, with aromas of orange skin, plums and tobacco leaves. Tannins are vibrant and acidity is plentiful making this wine ready to enjoy. Italy 14.5% – V 2015 | £71.00
  • 58. CH by Chocapalha, Quinta de Chocapalha 100% Touriga Nacional. Rich ruby-violet wine. There is a lovely freshness and the structure, though powerful, is well integrated, coated in fruit. Portugal 13.5% 2016 | £73.00
  • 59. Amarone di Valpolicella Classico, ‘Terre di Cariano’, Cecilia Beretta Spicy, dark cherry and mocha with fresh, wild berry notes and a long, sophisticated finish. Italy 15.5% – VG 2013 | £74.00

Single Bottle Red

  • 60. Château Musar, Gaston Hochar The cooler 1998 has an elegant Cinsault dominance; the colour is lighter and more delicately perfurmed than a typical vintage. Despite this initial impression, the wine is deceptively powerful with a vibrant acidity and fresh, soft red fruit flavours and a very long, spicy finish. Lebanon 13.5% – VG 1998 | £76.00
  • 61. Pomerol, Château Lagrange, Etablissements J.P. Moueix This wine is known for its open, generous accessible style Opaque ruby colour. Arterial dark fruit, vibrantly fresh with that characteristic – inky – perfume. The palate is flavoured and generously structured with a fresh and extended finish. France 13% – VG 2015 | £77.00
  • 62. Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Crossbarn’, Paul Hobbs Paul has multiple 100 point scores on his cult classic wines from Napa. Rich and luxurious, this has a lovely purity of fruit, with aromas of blackcurrant and boysenberry leading to notes of blueberry and a touch of dried herbs. USA 15% – VG 2018 | £82.00
  • 63. Morey Saint Denis Premier Cru, Clos des Ormes A resolutely red colour. The bouquet features tremendous complexity, with in general the fruitier aromas prevailing during the earlier years before giving way to some of the meatier tones. Spicier fragrances effuse throughout ageing, instilling a unique and special character associated with Côte de Nuits wines. France 13% – VG 2017 | £92.00

Bin Ends

  • 100. Mouchão Red A lift of sappy eucalypt to its richly scented, vinous nose and palate which reveals kid glove leather, violets, warm earth and intense cherry, bilberry, and damson fruit. Portugal 14.5% – VG 2012 | £65.00

Sweet Wine

  • 64. Château Septy, AC Monbazillac Full bodied and sweet. Intense fruit flavours with herbs, flowers & honey, offset by acidity and driven minerality. The palate is ripe and rich. France 12.5% 2016 | 50ml £9.00
  • 65. Sticky Mickey, Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, Eradus Generous, sweet flavours, a succulent, medium-weight concentration and nice, fresh length. New Zealand 12.5% 2017 | 50ml £9.00
  • 66. Cuvée Auslese, Hans Tschida Mandarin orange, rose jelly, baked apple and marzipan. Sweet but with incredible freshness that makes sure this is in no way cloying. Austria 8.5% 2020 | 50ml £6.00
  • 67. Tokaji Mad, Late Harvest, Furmint Vivid and lively late harvest wine, the natural sugar concentration is balanced by refreshing acidity. Floral, fruity intense aromas, touch of minerality and fresh fruity lingering finish. Hungary 12.5% – VG 2017 | 50ml £7.00
  • 68. San Emilio Pedro Ximenez, Solera Reserva, Emilio Lustau Dark mahogany in colour and viscous. Redolent of ripe fruit in the mouth, fried figs and roasted coffee beans. Very sweet, velvety and soft in the mouth, with an extremely long aftertaste. Spain 17% NV | 50ml £6.00
  • 69. Vinsanto del Chianti Classico, Vignamaggio This rich golden dessert wine, oozes sophistication and elegance. Tangy apricot, spiced caramel and toasted nuttiness makes this a more-ish wine. Ultimate decadence! Italy 15.5% – VG 2013 | 50ml £13.00

Fortified Wine

  • 70. Madeira, Barbeito Malvasia Aromas of dried fruit, pistachio and lemon zest. Very clean and pure on palate, citric savoury flavours bringing freshness and persistence to the wine. Portugal 19% NV | 50ml £8.00
  • 71. Niepoort 2017 LBV Port From ancient vine and hand picked grapes, this late bottled vintage retains all the primary fruit of a great ruby port, with development and complexity from 4 years in the barrel. Plums, blackberries and dark cherry are married together with subtle spice and herbs to create this amazing ruby port. Portugal 20% NV | 50ml £6.00
  • 72. Pineau des Charentes, Château de Montifaud A blend of fresh grape juice from Colombard grapes and wonderfully smooth cognac, it has a freshness, a hint of sweetness and a clean finish on the palate. Delightfully fresh. France 17% NV | 50ml £7.00
  • 73. Corney & Barrow 20 year old Tawny Port With a complex nose of warming fruit, complemented by hints of orange, nuts and spice, all reflected on the palate. Portugal 20% – VG NV | 50ml £9.00

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